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Lesbians Got Talent! 

Is NOT Happening
IN 2015


Lesbians Got Talent! 
If you or someone you know is interested in being 
for future shows, contact:

We don't want this show to go away. 
It's the only show of its kind in the country.
Denver should be proud!

Last year's show was a blast! If you were not there, you missed a truly fun evening. We spotlighted talented lesbians in a variety of performances, the very best that emerged from auditions held for the show. 

Last year's show featured TAKE NOTE! from the Denver Women's Chorus, & showcased a variety of other performances including:

              Hawaiian Hula by the Hoo-La-La Group
       •  Belly Dance by Julianna Miracle
         Poetry & Native Flute by Valerie Szarek
         HerRisin’ Music Band
         Beautifully Broken Vocal Trio
         Renaissance Lute & Vocal by Diana Linger
         Comedic Narrative by Miranda Olzman
         Vocal & Guitar by Laurie Dameron
         Vocal & Guitar by Yolanda Bush  
       •  and skits by the Classy Ladies

               Also part of the event were:
                       * Door Prizes donated by local merchants 
                  * Silent Auction of Ukuleles used in the show 
                  * And an After Party at Stella’s  

Lesbians Got Talent!
. . . for lesbians in Colorado to showcase their talents

Presented in support of the
LGBT Center of Colorado

Please give us your

P.O. Box 202766
Denver CO 80220
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